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Water Damage

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Suffering a water damage disaster is a stressful and frustrating event and happens every day in homes and businesses. If a water disaster has happened to you, it is important that you contact a qualified water damage restoration team to extract and dry any water affected areas before the damage gets worse. Standing water or wet structures can quickly become destroyed or moldy without immediate attention.

At Louisiana RESCON, our professionals are trained to remediate all types of water damage losses including:

  • plumbing leaks
  • broken or burst frozen pipes
  • leaks or flooding due to appliance malfunction
  • overflowing toilets and bathtubs
  • leaks and floods due to storms
  • wet basements & wet ceilings
  • and more

Whether your situation is small or major, we can professionally assess the damage and determine the best way to restore your property to its original condition.

There are many things to consider after water has affected an area of your residential or commercial property. Depending on the type of water, different measures may need to be taken to make sure any contaminated areas are cleaned and disinfected. Water can have a different effect on different materials as well. Some materials may need to be replaced, others may need to be impacted by a specific drying practice, and others may just need the water extracted.

Our trained team of technicians will make sure your property is restored and your belongings are taken care of correctly as to prevent further damages made by residing water.
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Effects of Water Damage

Within minutes of flooding on your property, belongings and structures can be damaged. The longer water and moisture sits, the faster more harmful effects take place. A moist, humid atmosphere provides the best place for mold and other harmful bacteria to grow and thrive. As a result, sickness and disease become easier to catch and a more in-depth restoration process must be taken to remediate the situation. Don’t let the effects of your flood damage grow into a more harmful state. Call the professionals at Louisiana RESCON today. We are ready and waiting 24 hours a day and provide an emergency service to ensure a quick and easy recovery from your water damage loss.

Steps To Take In Water Damage Disasters

Immediate action is vital when you are facing water damage. Follow these three steps to kick-start your water restoration.

  1. Stop the source of the water flow –  The first thing you need to do after discovering water leaks, broken or burst frozen pipes, or other destructive water flow is in your home or business is to locate and turn off the water source. The more water that gathers, the worse the damage. Direct an outside flow of water away from the property if you can, and turn off any internal water valves that could be releasing water.
  2. Call in the experts immediately – When it comes to water damage, do not wait to bring in professionals. A professional restoration team has the training and education needed to limit the amount of damage and remedy the problem faster. Where there is water damage, mold contamination is sure to follow. Don’t let your disaster become an even bigger, more expensive problem. Call someone immediately.
  3. Remove your belongings from the affected space – Relocating your belongings and small, movable furniture to a dry space can help save you a lot of money. If you can safely do this, do it. If not, wait for a professional team to come in and help. Many items that seem like they can’t be saved actually can be. You just may not know it. Remember, your safety should be your primary concern. Don’t stand on water saturated carpet or in flooded areas if your electricity is still on.
With the Louisiana RESCON water damage restoration experts on-site, you can rest easy knowing that all possible effort is being made to return your property to its pre-loss condition. At Louisiana RESCON, our water cleanup and reconstruction professionals are always here to help—24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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